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Because each business challenge is unique, your MTI Connect team provides solutions customized to your needs. So there are no boundaries to the ways we partner with you to solve the challenges that keep you awake at night. Our clients are confident they’re working with the best and taking advantage of the most effective solutions available anywhere. That’s why we’re working with some of the leaders in their respective industries including…


Beyond transactions, retailers are developing stronger relationships with their customers which leads to more sales. Through database management, analytics identifying the best prospects and targeted content, your customers are engaged at every point in the decision-making process. And when they get oh-so-close to making a purchase—yet back away—we target them again with a compelling incentive at precisely the right time to induce a purchase.


Healthcare marketing is fraught with risk. Providers need to be assured of adhering to HIPPA guidelines while delivering communications that resonate with their patients and patient prospects. All this while extending the value of each patient over a lifetime. With specific filtering of a provider’s data, we can assure HIPPA compliance while delivering meaningful communications tuned to the needs of the patient.

Insurance & Finance

Heavily regulated industries such as insurance and financial services perpetually strive to develop preferred relationships with customers while at the same time adhering to compliance. So timeliness and accuracy of engagement is paramount to avoid unnecessary customer confusion or even fines and penalties. We eliminate the risk associated with the human factor.

Plus, MTI Connect intelligent automation offers tracking verification that no other mailing provider can offer. Allowing you to track the delivery of business-critical USPS mail to know when your communication will be delivered.

Manufacturing & Education

Companies in manufacturing and education continue to find printed materials effective to relay information to workers, service reps and students. To make storing and online ordering of documents easy, MTI Connect can build you a customized online order site meeting the specific needs of your purchase order approval process. Any person who needs a specific document can place an order, and when the document is delivered, they will have been the first to have touched the document. This allows you to deliver materials to the end user closer to when needed, saving steps and inventory costs.

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