Driving Patient Appointments and Revenue








In this case study, we delve into a successful partnership between a healthcare provider and MTI Connect, a leading marketing agency. The goal was to generate patient appointments and revenue through a strategic and data-driven campaign. By understanding the preferences of the healthcare audience and adopting an omni-channel approach, the team achieved exceptional results.

Understanding Audience Preferences and Creating
an Effective Media Mix

A crucial aspect of the campaign was gaining a deep understanding of the preferred channels and devices of the healthcare audience. Through meticulous research and analysis, the team identified the most effective media mix to reach the target audience. This ensured that the campaign could engage with receptive audiences across various platforms, maximizing its impact.

Executing a Metrics-Driven Campaign

The campaign spanned several months, during which key metrics such as open rates, impressions, and clicks were closely monitored. This data provided valuable insights into the most effective strategies and messaging for engaging with the healthcare audience. Additionally, a matchback analysis was conducted to identify the creative formats that drove the highest number of new patient appointments and first appointment revenue for the healthcare provider.

Impressive Results and Business Impact

Through the collaborative efforts of the healthcare provider and MTI Connect, the campaign achieved outstanding results. The campaign generated an impressive 25,000 unique conversations, directly leading to 3,991 first appointments and $1.2MM in first appointment revenue. These tangible outcomes highlight the efficacy of the team’s data-driven approach, their ability to identify the most effective channels and formats, and their commitment to continuous improvement throughout the campaign.


This case study showcases the power of a data-driven approach and an omni-channel marketing strategy in driving patient appointments and revenue growth for healthcare providers. By understanding audience preferences, leveraging multiple channels, and continuously analyzing key metrics, the campaign yielded exceptional results. The collaboration between the healthcare provider and MTI Connect exemplifies the significance of data-driven decision-making and the continuous pursuit of improvement in healthcare marketing initiatives.